Hybrid Events

In-person conferences or workshops that are also livestreamed

Virtual Events

Fully virtual conferences, webinars and workshops

On-Demand Classes

Classes and "simulated live" replays of conference sessions


Online meetups, curated discussions and Q & A sessions

Attend In-Person Events Virtually - For Credit

Unprecedented Interaction With Instructors

Can't Attend a Scheduled Event? Watch It Later For Credit

Continuing Education Credit Available

Earn credit in select professions and for select classes and events. Check the "Professions We Serve" area above to see if Cognificent offers credit for your profession

Credit Tracking

Cognificent issues your certificates automatically for conferences, webinars, and on-demand classes taken through Cognificent and tracks them with the Cognificent Transcript Tracker so you can always find out where you stand on hours and access or reprint certificates.

Cognificent Communities

Interact with members of your profession. Join groups targeted to your interests. Learn on your own, or as part of a community, it's all about what works for you

Get alerted to special classes, conferences and workshops that interest you

Cognificent communities will keep you informed about learning opportunities and events in your greater profession, including conferences and workshops from other quality producers

Class materials

Class materials are provided for all on-demand classes so you have take aways to continue your learning

Attend from Anywhere

Join from your desktop, tablet or phone while on the go

New Courses Added Regularly

Cognificent keeps the information fresh, and updates and adds new courses on a continual basis

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Cognificent, your satisfaction is why we do what we do. We'll make sure you are satisfied.

Team and Group Training Options

Dynamic, specialized training tailored for the specific needs of your group

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