Leveraging Change and Inspiring Innovation

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(Interview-style session and panel discussion) Nick Tasler Hours: 2 Field of Study: Personal Development Prerequisites: None Level: Basic Successful adaptation to change and adversity is the rule of human existence, not the exception. It is the one thing each and every one of us has been doing, literally, since the day we squirmed out of our mother’s womb. Never before has this truth been more relevant. Never before has this message been more essential. This session will deliver practical tools and decision-making guidance so you will be ready to cut through the chaos with a laser-like focus on organizational objectives, team priorities, and personal growth opportunities. Major subjects: • How to develop creativity and resilience • Decision-making guidance for growth and adaptability • Inspiring innovation in your team Learning objectives: • Identify 5 decision-making characteristics that accelerate growth and innovation • Identify at least two approaches for recognizing hidden opportunities • Identify effective methods for setting priorities


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