Home Inspection Report Writing

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Joe Denneler · December 23, 2021

In this 1 hour course, Joe Denneler, Esq. will walk through review of common statutory and regulatory requirements pertaining to writing home inspection reports. The Instructor will use common standards of practice to instruct professional home inspectors in effective communication, complying with the standard of care, and providing quality, informative inspection reports to consumers.


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About Instructor

Joe Denneler

Joseph W. Denneler, Esquire is General Counsel and Chief Claims and Risk Management Officer for Elite MGA, LLC, and its captive insurer, Elite Re, Ltd., the only property and casualty insurance company built specifically to insure professional home inspectors. He manages the third-party administrators and claims team for Elite and reviews every home inspector claim submitted to Elite in the continental United States. Prior to joining Elite, Joe was a litigation attorney for 20 years, litigating on behalf of insureds for multiple insurers, and litigating coverage matters on behalf of insurers. He developed a niche practice representing home inspectors and other real estate professionals. Joe is a frequent lecturer on preventing and managing claims against home inspectors. He is intimately familiar with the evaluation of claims against inspectors, including evaluating liability and potential damages, litigation budgeting, setting reserves, and resolving claims where appropriate.

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