Neurodiversity: Transforming Differences into Organizational Strengths


Unlock the potential of neurodiversity to drive innovation, creativity, and productivity in your organization. In this session, Dr. Toby Groves and Dr. Daniel Wendler, who is autistic, will guide you through the process of understanding, embracing, and leveraging the unique talents and perspectives of neurodiverse individuals.

Auditing in Law Enforcement: The Gateway to Transparency and Accountability


Join us for a groundbreaking virtual conference to hear experts explore key topics like Assessing Risk, Improving Law Enforcement Processes, Leveraging Data Analytics, Enhancing Communication with the Public, and Lessons from Body-Worn Cameras. Our experts will share insights on assessing risk, analyzing data, and developing effective audit methods. Don't miss this transformative conversation – secure your spot today!

Get Tickets $119.20 – $189.00

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