Panel: Lessons from a Decade of Body-Worn Cameras

May 1, 2024 @ 5:05 pm - 6:00 pm

  • Online
  • Track 1

About Session

This panel session will critically examine the practical outcomes and lessons learned from a decade of using body-worn cameras in policing. We’ll confront the complexities and challenges that have emerged, particularly the significant issue of uncatalogued footage, which renders potentially valuable insights inaccessible and unused.

Our discussion will navigate through the intricacies of data analysis and management, highlighting the obstacles in cataloging footage effectively and the decisions surrounding what to release to the public. We will also address the broader implications of these realities on policing practices and community trust.

Through expert insights and audience engagement, this session aims to foster a candid dialogue about overcoming current hurdles and improving future applications of body-worn camera technology. Participants will be encouraged to explore innovative strategies for data utilization and policy development, helping to shape a more transparent and accountable framework for policing moving forward.


Major Subjects:

*As technology and BWC use continue to evolve, reporting practices need to adapt and remain responsive to community needs and concerns.

*Redactions: What criteria should be used to redact sensitive information like faces or personal details? Ensure transparency in the redaction process.
*Optimize camera activation protocols: Use data to understand when and where camera activation is most helpful and adjust protocols accordingly.


  1. Identify Two Policy Impacts: Participants will identify at least two significant ways in which body-worn camera data has informed changes in law enforcement policies.
  2. Discuss At Least One Privacy Consideration: Engage in discussion on at least one crucial aspect of data privacy and its relevance to body-worn camera usage.
  3. Outline One Community Trust-Building Strategy: Outline at least one strategy derived from body-worn camera findings that can contribute to building or restoring trust between law enforcement and the public.


Dr. Jennifer Matthews

Dr. Jennifer Matthews

SME Body Worn Cameras
Deborah Witzburg

Deborah Witzburg

Inspector General, City of Chicago
Toby Groves Ph.D. - Moderator

Toby Groves Ph.D. - Moderator

Speaker, Writer, Toby Groves, Ph.D.

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