Data Driven Policing: Enhancing Transparency and Effectiveness through Advanced Analytics

May 1, 2024 @ 2:15 pm - 3:30 pm

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About Session

Join us for a pivotal session on data in law enforcement. Led by Deborah Witzburg, the Inspector General for the City of Chicago, this session will delve into the integral role of data-driven approaches in modern law enforcement. Attendees will explore the complexities of data collection, address common data quality challenges such as accuracy problems or missing information, and discuss robust solutions to these issues. The session will emphasize how analytics can streamline operations and enhance public safety by preparing data for public release, ensuring it is accurate, meaningful, and scrutinized to foster transparency and trust. Participants will also learn about the fundamental principles of data analytics and their application in supporting effective decision-making and policy development within law enforcement agencies.

  • Navigate Data Quality Challenges: Develop strategies to enhance the accuracy and reliability of law enforcement data, addressing common challenges in data quality management.
  • Translate Data into Strategy: Learn how to translate analytical findings into strategic recommendations that support operational improvements and contribute to building stronger community relations.
  • Optimize Data Management: Acquire skills in cataloging and managing law enforcement data effectively to ensure its usefulness for ongoing operations and future analysis.
  • Optimize Public Data Transparency: Master the decision-making process for determining what law enforcement information should be released publicly, ensuring it is both accurate and meaningful.


Deborah Witzburg

Deborah Witzburg

Inspector General, City of Chicago
Toby Groves Ph.D. - Moderator

Toby Groves Ph.D. - Moderator

Speaker, Writer, Toby Groves, Ph.D.

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