Using AI in Policing: Innovative ideas for Investigations and Analysis

May 1, 2024 @ 3:40 pm - 4:55 pm

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About Session

As the landscape of law enforcement continues to evolve, integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into policing practices presents new opportunities for enhancing investigative and analytical capabilities. This session examines the practical uses of AI in law enforcement, exploring applications that can improve the accuracy and efficiency of investigations and data analysis. Attendees will gain insights into the latest AI technologies being adopted in the field, including predictive analytics, facial recognition, and data-driven policing strategies. The focus will be on ethical considerations, ensuring that AI tools are used responsibly and in ways that safeguard civil liberties. This session will also address the challenges of implementing AI in law enforcement, including data quality, algorithmic bias, and the need for transparent methodologies that maintain public trust.


  1. Understand AI Applications: Learn about the various AI tools and technologies currently transforming policing, such as machine learning models for crime prediction and AI-driven forensic analysis. Attendees will explore practical examples of how these tools can be integrated into daily law enforcement operations to enhance investigative outcomes.
  2. Navigate Ethical and Legal Frameworks: Gain knowledge of the ethical implications and legal considerations surrounding the use of AI in policing. This includes understanding the balance between innovation and privacy, strategies to mitigate bias in AI systems, and the importance of establishing clear, ethical guidelines for AI use.
  3. Implement AI Effectively: Develop skills to effectively implement AI technologies in policing. This involves assessing the quality and sources of data, choosing appropriate AI tools for specific tasks, and training law enforcement personnel to use these technologies responsibly while maximizing operational benefits.


Mitchell Farsad

Mitchell Farsad

Director of Anti-Money Laundering & Financial Crimes Investigations
Toby Groves Ph.D. - Moderator

Toby Groves Ph.D. - Moderator

Speaker, Writer, Toby Groves, Ph.D.

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